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How to keep your cat purring into advanced old age - How to keep your cat alive, healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Where to Find Your Next Dog - When you are looking for a new member of the family you have to be aware of the characteristics of dogs, the care they need, and where to find them.

Adopt a puppy and save a life - A look at how you can help improve the life of homeless dogs by adopting from an animal shelter or pound.

Shedding Dogs How To Deal With Them - Shedding may not be something that seems like an important thing to keep in mind when making your puppy purchase, but it may just be more important than you think.

How To Bathe A Cat A StepByStep Guide - Is Bathing Your Cat An Ordeal For You? Try this step-by-step guide to reduce the stress on you and your cat.

Does Your Cat Have A Healthy Diet - With an obesity epidemic sweeping through our nations pets, an online pet Q&A service have launched a campaign to educate owners about their cats lifestyle.

The Dalmatian Dog Breed - You will find the following information on Dalmatian dogs below: care, training, and characteristics.

Ten Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat - With the lastest news about proper diets for your dog, more and more dog owners are giving there dog's table scraps.

Finding A Responsible Rottweiler Breeder - Take your time selecting a breeder.

Choosing Pet ID - There are a number of options for pet identification methods.

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