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Brazil cooks up transgenic bean

Approval draws criticism over transparency and safety tests.

Redrawing the Arctic map: The new north

Getting to grips with a changing polar landscape.

Nitrogen pollution disrupts Pacific Ocean

Surging nitrates in Asian waters could dramatically affect marine wildlife.

Greenland ice-melt map gets the cold shoulder

Polar researchers mobilize to clear up atlas's icesheet error.

A struggle for power

Brazil is developing the last great untapped reserve of hydroelectricity, the Amazon basin.

Special issue on the Arctic: After the ice

As the Arctic thaws, can science help to chart a sustainable path for the north?

Seth Stein: The quake killer

The US government says that a huge earthquake risk lurks in the heart of the country, where a series of large shocks hit 200 years ago. Seth Stein says that kind of warning is dead wrong.

Canada's ice cores seek new home

Confusion over fate of valuable climate record chills researchers.

Dam controversy: Remaking the Mekong

Scientists are hoping to stall plans to erect a string of dams along the Mekong River.

Scientists push for agricultural monitoring

Network would collect environmental and socioeconomic data from around the world.

Angry words over East Asian seas

Chinese territorial claims propel science into choppy waters.

Military surveillance data: Shared intelligence

The military has a vast array of scientifically valuable data some more accessible than you think.

Climate and weather: Extreme measures

Can violent hurricanes, floods and droughts be pinned on climate change? Scientists are beginning to say yes.

Scientific challenges in the Arctic: Open water

As the ice melts, fresh obstacles confront Arctic researchers.

Seven billion and counting

A look behind this month's global population landmark reveals a world in transition.