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How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing The Family Furniture

Pet Services Industry Are A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry. It is little wonder really considering the fact that we live in such a fast paced life that we become displaced and readily embrace the affection of our family pets as solace from the world we have created. The fact that there are millions of families out there who have added a family pet to the status of a member of the family is a great thought until the prized pet becomes a menace.

This needn't mean the end of the world. While pet obedience is often overlooked until something negative occurs there are many great dog obedience programs out there that can bring your favored companion back to becoming a well behaved member of the family that brings joy and companionship to you and your loved ones. It is admittedly not easy to instill obedience in pets because as with most things it is going to require your time and commitment. There are many reasons why dogs chew your socks, curtains and furniture.

First, it is afraid. Second, it is their nature to bite into things with their mouth just the same way we have a need to touch, it is just there sensory curiosity. It is even necessary for your pet to chew on things as it is a way to keep their teeth free of plaque and buildup. Thus, a lesson on edible things must be included in your dog obedience agenda so your favored pet can differentiate what you would like it to chew and what is not acceptable for it to chew. As an owner, you will need to start dog obedience training to save you from the constant headache and pain of seeing your prized possessions destroyed.

You will not end up losing your rugs, shoes, wires and so many things in the house the sooner you realize the value in spending just some of your time and possible a small investment in dog obedience. Familiarizing a dog to a household is the initial step in a dog obedience regimen. When you get a new dog, try to keep them in a small part of the house first, rather than letting it roam freely around the house. By confining it first to a small area you can acclimatize your dog to a part of the house and slowly increasing this area will give your dog a chance to create familiarity and become comfortable to its new home. It will be able to adapt to a new environment and eventually accept it as its new habitat without being fearful or overwhelmed.

It does not matter whether your dog is small or big to qualify it into this important step in the dog obedience syllabus. It has to be confined in one area as part of the dog obedience program. It will then learn to listen to your commands and feel comfortable with its territory. Get it a chewing toy to accompany it where ever you have in any confined space. This chewing toy will then become its favorite toy and can help it to lower the stress level in a new place. By giving a chewing toy to the dog, you will be seen as a loving owner.

Conducting dog obedience program will be a piece of cake. Writing a list of chewable things in the house to your dog is not possible in dog obedience. What you can do is play with it for a couple of hours per day.

Ropes, toys and balls are good tools in dog obedience. By using these tools, you are actually training it to memorize the things that it can play with. The next part of the dog obedience program is where the favorite toy plays a vital role. Let us just say you come home and see the dog on your cushion, chewing the cover. Do not yell at it. Instead, hand its favorite toy over.

This can distract the dog and it will release anything inside its mouth. Give clear instruction that it is not right to chew on cushion covers. Punishing the dog severely is not part of the dog obedience agenda; something you must bear in mind. The most important thing in dog obedience training is never to lose your temper.

Raising your voice or threatening the dog will not contribute to any success. It will actually drive the dog away from you. You will be seen as a cruel two-legged monster which is hardly productive for either your dog or yourself.

Terence Young - For more dog obedience and training tips and ideas visit: http://www.obediencedoggytraining.com

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