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Puppy Training For The First Week

Puppy training is only as hard as you want it to be. Learning how to properly train you puppy is almost a necessity when you first get one. Puppy training during the first week of getting your pet is critical. You definetly need to have certain items such as dog beds, collars, toys, and food and water bowls in place before bringing that new puppy home. Getting your family members involved with certain rules, routines, and responsibilities is just as important. The very first week is the most important of all.

Everybody's emotions about the new pet are on high octane. Enthusiasm levels are just soaring through the roof with your new puppy. Those rules that you set are going to be easily broken with the new puppy. One rule that is always broken, usually by kids, is that you all agreed that the puppy would sleep in the dog bed. Go ahead and try convincing your kids not to sleep with the gentle pet. After that first night you will agree that the puppy must sleep in their own bed.

What you are going to deal with now is barking, whimpering, howling, etc. The puppy is alone and does not want to be. A good rule to have is to play with the puppy gently and quietly. If the puppy looks tired then leave them alone so they can sleep. This will help break them in, so you can sleep better at night. Puppies usually need lots of sleep so do not flood the dog with non-stop attention.

You have covered the sleeping part, now you will need to concentrate on the feeding of the puppy. Decide who is responsible and at what time to feed the puppy properly. Do not have anyone deviate from your plans. That puppy needs a routine and needs to stick to it.

By breaking the routine, you are giving the puppy the wrong impression. Puppies are very impressionable, and deviating from the schedule will only encourage them from sticking to it. Since puppies are so impressionable, it is important to begin explaining the rules right away. Don't give them special license to get away with anything just because they are a puppy. If you allow them to have their way about certain things now, they will only be confused later when you decide to change the rules.

Puppies learn very quickly with proper instruction. Never hit your puppy or give harsh reprimands. They don't mean to misbehave - they are just doing whatever comes naturally. Instead, show your puppy what kind of behavior you want. Teach them to play with their toys. Make them fun and exciting.

Let them know how happy you are and how good they are when they chew them.The only way you can instruct your puppy is to be there. If you can't be there, don't allow them to have access to places where they can get into trouble.

Your puppy's emotional and mental health is just as important as their physical health. When you schedule your puppy's first veterinary visit, also schedule them into a puppy socialization class. They may not be able to attend yet, but reserve your place now so you don't miss out. Puppy socialization classes give your puppy an opportunity to meet a variety of people and dogs in a controlled situation.

If your puppy is to be a well-adjusted adult dog, they need to learn how to act properly around other dogs and people. Dogs that are not socialized frequently grow up to be aggressive and excessively fearful. Last but not leastyou need to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian immediately. Discuss your puppy's vaccination schedule and when they will be allowed outside. Puppies are susceptible to many canine diseases until they are fully vaccinated; so don't take your puppy outside until your veterinarian says it is OK.

Ralph Ruckman owns a weblog on puppy training. For more information you can visit the blog at: Puppy Training

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